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Concrete Services

Revolutionary Concrete LLC Installs:
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks/Patios
  • Egress Windows
  • Garage Floors
  • Basement Floors
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Acid Stained
  • Decorative Concrete
Due to the Michigan’s severe weather and large variation of temperature from summer to winter there are certain misconceptions that need to be addressed regarding issues with concrete.
Driveway Installation
Surface Imperfections: A common assumption is that concrete is indestructible. THIS IS NOT TRUE, but concrete is one of the most durable products on the market today. Exterior concrete in Michigan is exposed to extreme temperature variations of hot and cold, salt, and vehicular wear and tear. Because of this abuse, sometimes you may experience surface flaking or popping a rock may be set close to the surface is typically the cause, this is normal with in moderation. However if you experience this problem in large areas this may be a sign of a real problem.
  • Reframe from use of salt the first year, sand recommended.
  • Apply commercial grade clear sealant.
Discoloration in the surface: There is no possible way to match surface color exactly, even if the material has been dyed. This is caused by slight differences from load to load and humidity levels changes during curing process, especially when concrete placement is made on different days. This is important to remember when replacing a tile or two the existing imperfections may less obtrusive then the color difference.
Cracking: Your concrete can and will crack. There is no fail-safe installation procedure that can prevent this. We at Revolutionary Concrete take precautions that can help prevent cracks but we cannot eliminate them, however we perform the following procedure to prevent cracking:
Stable Base: In the past, sand was mainly used, as compactable base sand is acceptable to use in areas with soil that drains quickly. If the area you are living in contains a heavier soil (clay), a form of crushed gravel should be used, as gravel is less likely to absorb water and remain stable. Crushed gravel, however, is a more expensive material.
Control Joints: Control joints are added to help concrete crack where we choose it. By limiting the distance in between your joints whether they are hand jointed or saw cut in this can also help prevent cracking.
Concrete Stairs
Concrete Backyard
Concrete Pool
  • Standard control joints are installed in 10’x10’ squares, we will attempt to hold our stress joints 8’x8’ squares.
Steel Reinforcement: Steel reinforcement can also help prevent cracking our standard installation pattern is #3 re-bar in approximately 4’x4’ grid pattern. When your concrete does cracks, whether it is in a control joint or a hairline crack, this will help stop separation and heaving of the slab.
Hollow Sound: Typically this only takes place under basement slabs, some of the possible causes of this is a footing located under the section of slab, or conduit is in the close vicinity.
Lawn Damage: Lawn damage is to be expected, the extents of the damages are pending ground saturation and the amount of trips needed to complete the job at hand. Contractor shall not be held responsible for lawn, trees, bushes, garden, or any other landscaping damages caused during installation of your project.
  • Use of any form of salt is not recommended during the life of your concrete, yet it is especially important to refrain from use of salt the first year; this is when concrete in most vulnerable. Sand is very safe for concrete and is recommended during winter months.
  • Wash fertilizer overspray or spills off immediately due to its highly corrosive nature.
  • Application of solvent grade clear sealant will help prevent surface penetration of harmful chemicals.
  • Maintain surrounding lawn for proper drainage to eliminate standing water in nearby surrounding areas.
  • Proper diversion of surrounding down spouts.
  • Maintain backfill to prevent over saturation and washout of compacted base.
Concrete Maintenance
Pool Concrete
These few items will help you greatly increase the life of your concrete.

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